2013 Roundup Update

2013 Roundup Update

Despite the group’s best efforts, because of insurmountable logistical challenges the LA Trustees faced in organizing the 2013 Roundup, the group has decided to postpone the event. The Trustees are planning to hold a scaled-down, one day Trustee event in the Fall of 2013 on one or more of the critical issues facing pension trustees. The group will provide more information on the Fall event in the coming months.

The Trustees sincerely regret having to make this decision and want to thank everyone for your interest in participating in the Roundup.

Among the major reasons for the trustees’ decision are:


A recently discovered date conflict with another major conference,
  • New developments for group members that led to unexpectedly limited time and person power to organize the Roundup successfully,
  • Rising demand on the trustees’ time and energy to address critical issues that they could not work on as effectively if the group went ahead with this year’s event at this time.

The Trustees were very excited about the possibility of discussing the issues laid out in the proposed sessions that many of  you were working with us on, so the group would like to explore setting up alternative opportunities for conversations in the future. We will be in touch with those of you who were working with different members of the group on specific issues.

Again, the group apologizes and hopes this change in plans does not cause any major inconvenience for any who were planning on joining us at the Roundup.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to either of us or any other member of the group if you have any questions.


Marvin Adams
Chair, LA Trustees Network

Will Pryor
Vice-Chair, LA Trustees Network


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